Tips to Help in Teaching a Super-alert Mind

  • Involve the students in what you are doing.
  • Stop and ask questions as often as possible.
  • Present contextual or verbal information in small chunks.
  • Pay attention to how text is laid out and avoid any complete pages of plain text.
  • Demonstrate ideas and concepts using materials and analogies.
  • Never give a correct and incorrect answer at the same time; For example, do not say, “the answer is two not three”.
  • Intersperse dictation or note taking with talking and pictures or objects.
  • Provide a quiet distraction-free environment, but remember that these students need stimulation all the time. Sometimes background music helps as long as it does not contain words.
  • Keep the attention on you by telling jokes or acting or making deliberate mistakes for your students to notice.
  • Keep the teaching as multi sensory as possible. Videos and DVDs are great because they are both visual and auditory.
  • Getting pupils to move about in the teaching environment is useful as it brings the mind back to the present situation.
  • Present new information in as exciting a way as possible.
  • Never tell a dyslexic or ADD pupilto stop fiddling. This will only make him/her concentrate completely on not fiddling.
  • I allow dyslexic and ADD pupils to draw at the same time as class discussions. This activity distracts a lot of the brain while not competing with what I was saying or demonstrating.
  • Tell your pupil to pay attention when you are giving them the most important information rather than all the time.

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  1. hi i am 23 years old and i am having troble rteading in college but cant seem to past class because i get so distracted and it all because i cant read very well. is there any program out htere to help kids read better even if they cant or they hate it.

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